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What do the clients say?

"I have attended Sophie's classes for the past 8 weeks and it has been an amazing experience. Sophie is an wonderful tutor - clear, enthusiastic, fun and brilliant at encouraging everybody. I was having a difficult time and physically and emotionally it turned me around. THANK YOU!"


Anonymous, Liverpool, 2013

"Adore the drop in Pilates classes. I love the variety week on week. I see and feel the results. The relaxation element at the end of the class does wonders for my wellbeing ! Thanks Sophie."

Lianne Hull, 2017



"​I was in a fitness rut before I met Sophie. I can honestly say she has totally changed my attitude towards fitness. I love going to her classes. I have noticed that my strength and balance have really improved from going to her pilates classes. I even do personal training with her, something I thought I would never do. She does something new every week so there is never a risk of being bored. She pushes me but also knows not to push me too far. She always asks for feedback . She is so committed and professional . I don't know what I'd do without her now!"

Wendy Owen, Liverpool, 2013

"I've been lucky to benefit from Sophie's pilates, bootcamp, and personal training sessions over the past three years. Her infectious enthusiasm and varied training sessions have definitely helped change my attitude and approach to exercise. She always provides clear instruction, encouragement, and has endless patience. Her attention to training needs meant I was able to exercise safely when recovering from injury. Sophie can be relied upon to give you the positive push you need to face the physical and mental challenges in each exercise session and help you achieve your personal fitness goals."

Dee Walshe, 2017



"Sophie Edwards has been my Personal Trainer for about three months now and I have been consistently impressed with her high levels of professionalism, skills and versatility. Sophie is very reliable and organised and clearly puts a great deal of thought and preparation into each session. She possesses excellent skills in listening to clients needs and adapting exercise programmes to suit their fitness level, personal goals, lifestyles and interests. Sophie is highly knowledgeable about physiology and the psychology of exercise, and I have found this invaluable in terms of her assisting me overcoming barriers. Sophie encourages me to aim higher and be more adventurous. Since training with Sophie my confidence has improved dramatically and my personal fitness continues to increase on an ongoing basis. Sophie has been consistently encouraging, and really notices the small improvements I make. She has encouraged me to push myself whilst being very clear regarding injury prevention and personal safety. I can genuinely say I have never enjoyed exercise as much as I have done with Sophie and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results I've gained. In summary, Sophie combines discipline, focus and an excellent, varied knowledge of physical fitness with a highly supportive, friendly and fun attitude. This is a winning combination which will inspire and impress both newcomers to exercise and those with plenty of experience. I can't recommend her highly enough."


Caroline Pipe, London, February 2011

"Sophie has empathy and treats all clients as equals. She measures what is right for the individual and matches the lesson for them. She pushes but not aggressively and in a safe environment. Sophie makes us feel good without it being "cheesy". Group sessions are always fun, Sophie always has a smile on her face. She's always encouraging and positive."

Denise Wilson, 2017



"Training with Sophie over the last few months has been both a real pleasure and benefit for me. Being a dancer herself, as well as a personal trainer, she understood my body perfectly and adapted each session to my personal capacities and goals. The sessions were complete, working on stamina, strength and flexibility. I strongly recommend Sophie to anyone, dancer or not, professional or beginner, as she will develop a great adapted plan for you and make you work hard in a very enjoyable atmosphere!"


Mandy, 21, professional dancer, London, 2011



"I worked with Sophie for a 6 week period training programme. I found her to be extremely motivating and although she appears to be very gentle and quiet she is surprisingly tough! She is very encouraging and will push your boundaries. I absolutely loved working with her, I looked forward to my sessions and always left feeling like it was working! After just the first week I noticed an improvement in my level of fitness, I had loads more energy and after week 2 I could see a definite reduction in body fat, I could see muscle that I hadn't seen for ages."


Sarah Hawthorne, London, 2011


Sophie Edwards


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