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The Virtual Pilates Hub Membership

Subscription Options

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  • Virtual Pilates Hub

    Every month
    Become a Virtual Pilates Hub Member
     7 day free trial
    • Exclusive access to the Pilates Libraries on demand
    • Pilates Libraries contain hundreds of fusion workouts
    • Every Monday you will receive 3 new featured workouts
    • These workouts include:
    • Zen Pilates or similar
    • Classic Mat Pilates
    • Wild Card Class - see below for more info
    • Invite to Cardio Pilates on Zoom Saturdays 9.10-10am
    • Invite to Classic Mat on Zoom Saturdays 10.10-11.10am
    • For further details see below
  • New Clients

    Two part Technique Masterclass for New Clients
    • Bedtime Pilates Course

      6 class course
      • CLASS 1 - Learn to breathe from your diaphragm
      • CLASS 2 - Learn to calm your nervous system
      • CLASS 3 - Deep release for hips, hamstrings and lower back
      • CLASS 4 - 4, 7, 8 yogic breathing
      • CLASS 5 - Deep release for neck, shoulders and upper back
      • WEEK 6 - Deep mind/body reset

    Subscribing to Virtual Pilates Hub gives you exclusive access to Pilates fusion workouts on demand.

    Your subscription includes: - Access to the Pilates Library containing hundreds of classes, from Cardio Pilates to Zen Pilates, Classic Mat Pilates to Dance Fitness, Dancer's Barre to Dumbbell Workouts, Sunrise Pilates to Boxercise, Sleep Pilates to Free Body Flows, HIIT to Guided Meditation and Relaxation - 3 new featured workouts every Monday which are then added to the Pilates Libraries - Invite to Cardio Pilates (9.30-10am) and Classic Mat Pilates (10.10-11.10am) live on Zoom on Saturdays

    You won't feel like you're doing this alone. You will gain access to a private members area where you can interact with both Sophie and other members. Share your workout feedback and ask questions about exercises.

    It's flexible, accessible, affordable, fun, supportive and transformational

    Includes regular live Saturday morning classes with Sophie on Zoom and occasional Wednesday night specials

    You're in control. Manage your subscription via the members area. You can start and stop your subscription whenever you want and as many times as you want.

    Free one week trial included when you sign up!

    N.B. Sophie will take up to 10 weeks holiday a year. During this time no live Saturday classes will be running and there will be no weekly featured workouts. However, with over 170 workouts in the Pilates Libraries there will be plenty to keep you busy!


    Sophie Edwards


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