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Liverpool Pilates Hub offers a range of fitness classes which you would find on the timetable of any gym/fitness studio, however every class has the Pilates method at the core. This is to ensure every class is executed with good technique, an understanding of biomechanics and in a safe and effective way. Pilates is often seen as something which is performed on a mat or on specialist Pilates equipment, however here at LPH we believe Joseph Pilates intended his method to be taken into all styles of movement; sport, dance, running, weight lifting, circuit training e.t.c. to enhance and support other ways of moving your body. So you will find that we offer the CLASSIC MAT Pilates class, but several other Pilates fusion classes which mirrors this approach.

LPH recognises that recent trends in fitness means that many people are training for aesthetics (body image) often choosing minimal muscle groups to focus on. Many women primarily focus on legs and glutes, men on chest and arms. This style of body building can lead to over trained muscle groups, faulty biomechanics, pain and injury. LPH aims to educate people on the importance of balance and symmetry in your training, exploring multidimensional planes of moving and focusing on health and wellness rather than image.

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