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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Pilates Hub

Folding Yoga Mat

Online workouts have proven to be efficient, time-saving, and a more affordable way to workout. But some of you are still hesitant about starting an online routine.


This ultimate guide should answer your questions about Virtual Pilates Hub and how it can help transform your fitness routine.

Variety of Online Workout Options

In the Virtual Pilates Hub Library you will find hundreds of different workouts for any fitness level and for any mood. You have Classic Mat Pilates, Zen Pilates, Power Pilates, Cardio Pilates, Barre workouts, HIIT, Boxercise, Dumbbell Strength Workouts, Kettlebell Workouts, No Equipment Strength Workouts, Sunrise Pilates, Bedtime Pilates and even Injury Rehab and Prevention Videos.  

Video durations vary between 10 and 60 minutes, so no matter how much time you can dedicate to working out, you will always find an option. I always say that working out for 10 minutes a day is better than 0 minutes a day.

You are also invited to join me for two live Saturday morning Zoom classes:

(apart from 10 weekends I take off spread out throughout the year):

Cardio Pilates 9.30-10am

Classic Mat Pilates 10.10-11.10am

Plus other specials throughout the year

(Bedtime Pilates 6 Week Course starts Wednesday 8th November)

Benefits of Working Out Online

Convenience and Flexibility

One of the major advantages of working out online is the convenience and flexibility it offers. You can exercise from the comfort of your own home, without the need to commute or adhere to strict gym hours, without finding a parking spot in a busy city centre or worrying about being late. You have the freedom to choose the time and place that works best for you.

My expertise from your living room

I am a former professional dancer with a BA(hons) in Dance. I started working as a Personal Trainer in 2010. I became a qualified Pilates Instructor in 2012. I have a wealth of CPD qualifications from Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Human Dissection for Movement Instructors, Gait Analysis, Hip Hamstring and Lower Back Function, Speed Agility and Quickness, Lower Extremity Pathologies and more.


I have taught a variety of classes in many gyms and health clubs from Zumba to Pilates, HIIT classes to aqua aerobics. During my time living in London I worked on the Tessa Sanderson Foundation working with Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes. I am a guest lecturer at universities and institutes like The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and John Moores University and have helped many training dancers, athletes and P.E. teachers move in to the professional world. This unique experience of Pilates, dance, sport, athletics, strength conditioning and lecturing I bring to you in every class.


Professionally Designed Classes

I create 3 new featured workouts a week which will take you on a journey.

Every class follows my arc method;

Warm up, introduction to a theme or idea, series of exercises and routines that focus on that theme, an exercise that will really challenge you, finishing on a calming cooldown, reflection, conversation or meditation.


Every workout is designed to be done in small spaces at home, in the office, in the garden or even hotel room.


These 3 workouts will focus on different aspects of your physical fitness; Strength, Cardio, Mobility and Flexibility. So, for you the guess work has been taken out of the equation. Just follow my professional guidance and before long you will see and feel the results.

This 3-workout-a-week programme takes in to account the need for variety, the lack of time, but also the season of the year: now it is Autumn, and I can guarantee more cosy stretch and relaxation sessions, whereas in the summer we embrace our naturally higher energy levels.

These custom programmes used to only be available to my private personal training clients. Now you get to benefit from that for a fraction of the cost and without ever leaving your house ! 


When you become a Virtual Pilates Hub member you become part of the community.

You are welcome to email or message me privately with your questions and queries and I will always be on hand to help you. This might be on class suggestions that work towards your fitness goals or on any technical issues.

Every member is invited to join the private Facebook group. Members regularly share their workout selfies and questions on specific exercises and it's a great place for group comradery.

The live Zoom classes offer an opportunity for us to check in with each other. Not only am I watching you do the class live, but I always allow time after each class to talk about specific exercises or technique I can help you with. This often sparks conversation amongst others in the group and it helps me gauge how you are finding the sessions.


You will not feel like you are doing this alone!

This attention to community is very important to me! 

Choosing an Online Workout

You can follow my 3 suggested workouts for the week, but if they are not for you, you can go to the Pilates Library full of hundreds of past classes.

The Pilates Library is split in to the following categories:

Classic Mat Pilates


Stretch, Relaxation and Mobility


Ballet and Dance Fitness

10 Minutes with Sophie,

Injury Rehab and Prevention

This gives you a tremendous variety of options and you will naturally find your favourite category, however I encourage you to dip in to each category to ensure you are working all areas of your physical fitness.

Importance of Varying Exercises

To prevent reaching a plateau and to keep your workouts interesting, it is important to vary your workouts, so don't be afraid of trying something you wouldn't normally do. You never know you might find kettlebell training, or a ballet barre become your favourite workouts.

What about my fitness/experience level I hear you ask!

Every class I teach is suitable for all! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or Pilates aficionado I offer modifications and progressions for you to take as we go along so you can work at your own pace.

Considerations for Beginners

I am very particular in my way to set you up in the positions, and I give a lot of verbal and visual cues. This allows anyone, even beginners, to be sure to do things properly, and is the result of my 13 year expertise of teaching large groups of over 30 members in big gym/studio environments.

Progression and Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to building your fitness levels and seeing the results you desire. Online workouts can help you maintain a regular exercise routine on limited time.

Technical Stuff

I have tried to make Virtual Pilates Hub as user friendly as possible. You do not need to be a technical wizard to subscribe.

When you subscribe you will be asked to create a login account. Then every time you want to access the workouts and Zoom links you head to the website, login at the top and head to the Member's Area and everything you need is there.

You do not need a Zoom account or app to join the Zoom classes. Just click the link provided and type in the password provided.

How to Improve your Experience

To improve your experience further you could connect your phone, tablet, laptop or PC to a TV screen using apps like chromecast or a HDMI lead. You could also use bluetooth earphones to improve your audio experience.

A Note on Discipline

I put in all the hard work planning and preparing interesting, challenging and fun workouts for you, you just need to turn up! Create a workout diary, block off time that's just for you. And DON'T let anything or anyone take that time from you. Make that time sacred! Because we all know when we are looking after ourselves everything else falls in to place.


Believe in yourself, stay focused and know your worth!

I am always here to help you with this.


The Cost

The membership costs just £35 a month

That works out at £8.07 a week

Once you have subscribed this fee comes out of your account on a monthly direct debit

You can cancel or pause your membership via your account on the website at any time and re-subscribe at any time. You are completely in control.

Exactly what the Membership Includes:

  •  3 brand new featured workouts a week

(one of these is the recording on Saturday's Classic Mat Pilates)

  • Invites to join me live for Cardio Pilates and Classic Mat Pilates on Zoom on Saturday mornings

  • Access to the Pilates Library, a library of hundreds of categorized past classes

  • I often throw in regular surprises, for example this summer the Virtual Summer Bootcamp and this Autumn the 6 Week Bedtime Pilates course are free to all members!

Please note, I take between 8 and 10 weeks off a year, during this time there will be no new workouts uploaded or live Zoom classes, but your access to the Pilates Library will continue.


I hope this helped you see some of the many benefits of working out with me online, but here are some of my members’ experiences which I hope will inspire you.

I have been attending Sophie’s classes, both in-person and virtually for nearly two years now and I am so thankful I found them! Sophie is wonderful at what she does, and she never fails to make me feel welcome and at ease. I have grown in confidence since my first class and I have seen so many positives in myself physically and mentally. I love the wide variety of classes on offer and having the option to attend virtually means I can fit exercise around my schedule. I genuinely couldn't be without Liverpool and Virtual Pilates Hub now.

Natalie, 2023

Virtual Pilates Hub has encouraged me to try classes in the comfort and privacy of my own home that I would never have tried in a gym or studio due to a lack of self confidence and fear of the gym environment. With Sophie's guidance I now realise just how capable my body is and I'm so proud of what I have achieved mentally and physically. 

Anon, 2023

I remember my first class, I almost died. But then I gained a lot of strength, started listening to my body. The consistency of doing Pilates twice a week and Sophie's bright, luminous energy got me out of a phase that had lasted way too long. It was good to focus on myself, and from there the only way was up!

Mathilde, 2022

I managed my 1000 steps (minimum) each day for January and did some form of Pilates every day too...lost half a stone and feel so much better (physically and mentally). Loving the online workouts and back it up with the Virtual Pilates Hub YouTube channel. A great start to 2022. Thanks so much.

Phil, 2022

Loving the Classic Mat/Ballet Barre fusion. Never done ballet before, but really enjoying these fusion classes. Hope to find time to do it again before Monday.

Kathryn, 2022

This first month has been a great experience. I really like having all the workouts available on a Monday morning, so I can read about them and decide which one to do when. I really like the variety and the way they build on one another week after week.

Becky, 2022

I have just completed the free one week trial. I have honestly tried every home workout under the sun and never enjoyed or kept up with any, but Sophie's are just great, really diverse and keep me engaged the whole time. I'm going to subscribe.

Anna, 2022

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